Earth Voice Project

  • Creative community engagement including content production and public programming.
  • There are many precious resources like tradition, culture, industry, and beautiful natures in many areas in Japan but actually, they have not been made as effective contents, and it has not been organized producers who shoulder new media in each area for the times of cross - media.

  • Earth Voice Project (EVP) is the project that produces contents based on their areas by producers there, and applied to all over the world, developing media producers in each area.
  • The merits of EVP are : For communities, it brings safety and security, and the pride to live.
  • For outside of areas, it calls more tourists and distribution of their own goods, providing good news of the areas by using resources produced with narrative approach.



  • Blog: "Program of bring up the Local and Social Media Producer"

Rainmaker Project

  • Reforestation in Kenya using "Clay ball Method," which is pioneered by Japanese natural farmer, Masanobu Fukuoka.
  • The objective of our project is to reforest and invite Rainfall into areas suffering from desertification. To accomplish this feat, we are using "the clay ball" method pioneered by Japanese farmer and originator of the Natural Farming agricultural system,Masanobu Fukuoka.
  • We have executed this project dry areas in Kenya since 2006, and have found many seeds germinated and grew.
  • Since 2008 we have also executed "SATOYAMA SYSTEM," which is the project aimed at sustainable forest producing with communities collaborated with Professor Kazue Fujiwara from Yokohama National University and Nairobi University.

Yokohama Student Film Festival(YSFF)

  • Film Festival to create new content market in the Eastern Asia and to bring up the young film makers.
  • YSFF has introduced student films from around the world chiefly from Japan, China, and South Korea since 2002.
  • This festival is making steady progress toward the important common goal of creating new film markets in East Asia.
  • For example the introduction of Japanese-Chinese-Korean co-production "The Story of 3 Ports" is a film for commemorating the 150th anniversary of the opening of Yokohama Port, which was achieved thanks to the cultural exchange in the world of film that has been build up through YSFF over the years.

The Story of 3 Ports

  • Co-film Production Project for the 150th Anniversary of Yokohama Port Opening, using the network in YSFF.
  • This is the omnibus film, which title is "The story of 3 ports"and theme is each famous port from 3 eastern Asian countries as Yokohama (Japan), Qingdao (China), and Incheon (South Korea).


  • This project is based on Yokohama Film Festival, which has held annually in Yokohama. The young film makers from 3 countries which have connected each other with long term complicated and serious histories and finally have regular friendships in few years, accept and understand each passion, talent and humanities through making a film together.
  • The three directors from different countries call for collaboration each other in spite of some hesitations due to severe historical issues or morals.